This cute little tree was made using the 1.5" Easter Eggs designs found on the
Easter page..

1.  Get a tree branch about 18-20" long.  You will want to find one with lots of
firm branches.
2.  You can spray paint the branches white if you like or leave it natural.
3.  Get a small flower pot approx 4" in diameter.  The pot can be plain
decorated with a ribbon or a nice painted pot.  Fill the pot with small pebbles or
loose dry sand.
4.  Stick the base of your branch into the sand in the pot and decorate.

For the eggs I used a single layer of stiff tear away stabilizer and black fabric.  
For the tree you could do them on 2 layers of tear-away stabilizer without
having to do any cutting.  I used matching thread in the bobbin, so that the eggs
look good on both sides.  You can add as many eggs as you can fit into a single
hooping before you cut them out.  I stitched all of the eggs shown above in 2
sepaate hoopings before I cut them out.   Using a needle and thread, add a
small loop of thread to the top of your egg and hang from your tree.

The tree on the right has one of each of the 16 designs.  You can make more
or less depending on the size of your tree and how full you like it to look.
Easter Tree
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