Sew Savvy Machine Embroidery Designs was started in 2007.  Although the company has not been in business
very long I personally have been doing embroidery and other crafts for many years.  I come from a very
"crafty" family and it seems that someone was always making something.

  My great grandmother taught me to knit when I was around 5 years old.  As I recall, she always had a pair of
mittens on her needles and she would make them year round.  Back then she would buy her wool on hanks and
after washing it to rinse away any excess dye and letting it air dry, I would hold it between my two hands while
she balled it.  In the late fall I would deliver the mittens to the local store where she sold them.

  The 70’s were a fun time for many crafters when anything hand made was “INâ€�.  From granny square
poncho’s to everything macramé; we certainly had lots to do and kept very busy.  I never thought I would
see those ponchos come back in style, but alas…here they are again (chuckle).

   I think it is natural for those who love to create to have more than one craft hobby.  I too, have tried many
things but my favorites are knitting, quilting, machine embroidery, and hardanger.  With my knitting I prefer
textures…anything with cables but I truly enjoy lace knitting.  I am currently working on a lace stole made with
a very delicate 2 ply silk/cashmere yarn on 2mm needles.  So if you can imagine the delicateness of this yarn and
its cobweb like appearance…this is one of my 3-4 year projects.  Since it does take so long to make, I also have
a need to alternate between these time consuming projects.  No, they are not UFO’s (UnFinished Objects)
but WIP (Works In Progress).  I do eventually finish all of my crafts, but I do it in my own sweet time (wink).

So what else is on the go…here is my current list:
1. The lace stole as mentioned above.
2. A hand quilted whole cloth quilt (I’m down to 12 stitches to the inch).  My girlfriend says it is the sign of a
sick mind to want to make anything so small, but I do it just because….I can (wink).
3. A hand appliquéd Hawaiian sampler quilt (will also be hand quilted).
4. A machine appliquéd and quilted wall hanging.
5. A machine pieced cathedral windows quilt.
6. A knitted bolero sweater (this one is being made on a respectable size 4mm needles, but ripped it out about 6
times as I wasn’t quite happy with the pattern and had to start over again…and again…and again…)
7. There is an entire list of projects I “want� or plan to make and someday I hope to learn to make bobbin
lace (if I ever find time)

  So how did I get to where I am now with machine embroidery?  I have a love for computers and technology so
it was a very natural step for me to dive into the world of machine embroidery.  I enjoy being able to take my
ideas and turn them into finished projects.  Hand work is beautiful and a joy to do, but as my son said “if
you made all your quilts by hand… you’d be an old lady with only 2 quiltsâ€�.  (See why I love him so
much? Bright boy!)   Therefore machine embroidery gives us all the opportunity to make wonderful things in a
fraction of the time it would take to make by hand.

If you have any questions, comments or design requests, send me an
e-mail.  I would love to hear from you.  

Thank you very much for visiting. I sincerely appreciate your business.

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