Rice Bags
You will receive 3 different patterns in this set.  A square, a round and a flower shape.
Also included are detailed instructions for completing this in-the-hoop project.

These little bags can be kept in the freezer and used as a cold pack.
They are not as cold as ice cubes which make these little bags perfect for using as boo-boo bags to sooth
bumps and bruises for children.  Make 2 to use for soothing tired swollen eyes.

The bags can be heated in the microwave oven and used for a variety of things when heated as
hot packs.
- Place one under your mug of coffee or tea to help keep it warm.  (Be sure to use a coaster under the hot
- Place on the bottom of a bread basket to help keep your dinner rolls warm at the table.
- Place a few between the sheets of your bed prior to bed time to make a nice warm bed.
- Herbs such as lavender or mint can be placed in the bags along with the rice for a soothing aromatherapy.
- Great for achy muscles.
- Place one or two in the bottom of a large oversize sock as a foot warmer.

Caution:  Do not leave unattended when heating in the microwave oven.  These bags can get
VERY hot and burn, so they are not recommended for use with children or infants when heated.
For Embroidery Hoops size 5x7
and 4x4
Made in ONE hooping.
Filling with rice and whip stitching the opening closed is done outside the hoop

This little bags stitches up amazingly FAST!
It almost takes longer to fill them and whip stitch the closing shut
as it takes to stitch them out.
For Embroidery Hoops size 4x4
finished size approx 3.8" across
this size does not have channel stitching
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$10.00 for 5x7 set
For Embroidery Hoops size 5x7
finished size approx 4.5" across
Select Machine Format
$10.00 for 4x4 set
$10.00 for each set