Soda Koozies
This koozie will fit a standard soda or beer can.

The unique feature of this koosie is the built in coaster
to help protect your furniture.

Instructions are included for this project.

This project requires ONE single hooping
and does not require any additional stitching.
Once you unhoop's done!

Each set includes a blank
so you may add your own design as you like.
For Embroidery Hoop size 5" x 7"
Father's Day Sayings
Koozie with Window
This design set has a very unique "window"
with a white background and a vinyl cover.

Use a colored grease pencil (china pencil)
to write on the vinyl.
Then simply wipe it clean to start over again.

Very useful for guests to keep track of their drinks
at parties and BBQ's.
Perfect for childrens birthday parties
and doubles as a loot bag item.

A blank pattern in included
so you can add your own designs as you like.
Note:  A beer bottle is slightly smaller than a soda can.
So these cozies would be a little too large for a beer bottle.
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$12.99 for each set
Select Machine Format
$12.99 for this set
In-The-Hoop project
Click on the image above for a closer
look at all of the designs included in this
10 different saying in this set
including a blank koozie
This set has 2 designs
the "window" and a blank koozie
Select Machine Format
$12.99 for this set
Sew Savvy
Machine Embroidery Design
In the hoop
embroidery projects